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  1. Seattle
    Some Uber users in Seattle now have the option to plan trips via bus, train or ferry in the ride-hailing giant's app thanks to a new integration with the region's transportation agencies. The Seattle area is the 14th region overall to get the Uber Transit integration, and it covers all major...
  2. New Jersey
    The only reason I'm here is I just dropped someone off. In 5 minutes four ants joined me and the guy that was here when I arrived. Who'll get a ping when the ferry arrives remains to be seen...
  3. Stories
    I got a ping from one of the islands in the Puget Sound. Looking closer, I see that island is one that does not have a bridge nor is there ferry service until five hours later. I pressed "accept" for laughs. Here is what ensued over text-messaging: Me: Are you on $name Island? Pax: Yes...
  4. Seattle
    Is a passenger allowed to request that you ride on one of the Puget Sound ferries (with the intention of continuing the ride after the ferry lets off)? If so, how should this situation be handled?
1-4 of 4 Results