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  1. Taxes
    I received an email from Uber yesterday titled "Tax Season Is Hear" and it allowed me to view a summary of "my tax documents." In a nutshell, their numbers don't match my records, and they don't even match the earnings statments on Uber.com. My records show payments totaling $1965.54. Their...
  2. Delivery
    Grubhub is doing away with a controversial phone ordering system that had restaurants across the nation paying the app commissions for orders that never took place, The Post has learned. Starting Aug. 23, the food delivery and ordering company will be using call centers with actual customer...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Does Uber have any Driver Referral Codes to give to new drivers? I don't see any driver referral codes in the app and no referral bonuses can be found on the Uber web site. Someone asked me, so I had to check. I guess 70 K drivers in the GTA means an endless supply of cheap fungible drivers...
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    I am amazed at how much I enriched Uber to the tune of more than 15K of fees in 2019. Yet I feel I am not treated very well, and are still expendable. Uber ain't shown any love to me. :confusion::confusion:
  5. Pay
    I need some input before I decide how much time to invest calling support. Is the commission for both X and Comfort supposed to be the same? I pay 20% for X and Uber's taking 28% for Comfort. The result is I actually earn less on Comfort than X. Did they screw up or are the percentages supposed...
  6. Las Vegas
    The past few weeks I've noticed that it's cheaper to take two x cars than one xl. I think it's probably due to uber wanting two booking fees instead of one. Whatever the case, averaging 1 xl ride every 2 hours is not enough.
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Your earnings will go down if you vote for a union unless you're a union boss and control the LAX queue.
  8. Chicago
    This is my first full year as a driver. Not sure if these can get claimed as expenses ("All [these] items may be tax deductible....") What u do? (I understand no one by answering is functioning as my CPA) approximate dollar ammounts Uber Service Fee/Other Adjustments, $5k Booking Fee, $4k...
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    Would like to know under what conditions when a Customer requests an Uber and they decides to cancel, that the driver receives the $4.40 cancellation fee? Had 2 cancellations from pax, for both I accepted the request, one I received a cancellation fee, after the pax cancelled. For the 2nd I...
  10. New York City
    so you already know I do Uber and ALREADY have almost a year's footing in the game so this isn't the new guy asking how do I infiltrate and become another ant in the elephant's hut. SO hold your jeers people. I'm simply trying to figure out how much it cost for transfer plates from private to...
  11. News
    https://qz.com/1308173/uber-is-experimenting-with-letting-riders-wait-longer-for-a-cheaper-fare/ Good things come to those who wait for their Uber. The ride-hailing company has started testing a feature that gives riders the option to trade a shorter wait for a cheaper fare. "Prices are lower...
  12. News
    By enabling the secure sharing of nearly anything-without intermediaries or their fees-the technology could redefine peer-to-peer platforms and the customer experience https://www.fastcompany.com/4057803...could-disrupt-the-sharing-economys-disrupters
  13. Sydney
    It's only showing Fare (includes surge), Uber Fee and Toll. It doesn't have the booking fee, CTP, transport Levy etc. Is it to make it difficult to figure out when you have lost money on a destination trip An example of a older full trip detail
  14. News
    State regulator ruling could cost Uber 'millions http://www.sfexaminer.com/state-regulator-ruling-cost-uber-millions/amp/ State regulators changed how they legally classify ride-hail giant Uber on Thursday, a technical move that may cost the company millions of dollars. The California Public...
  15. Lyft
    Did I miss something? The Lyft fees, the portion that Lyft takes, is no longer a line item in Driving History?
  16. Portland
  17. San Francisco
    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/oakland-wants-a-cut-of-uber-lyft-rides-mulls-states-first-per-ride-tax/ A local city council member is beginning to float the idea of taxing ridehailing companies like Uber and Lyft as a possible way to raise millions of dollars and help pay for...
  18. Philadelphia
    http://www.philly.com/philly/news/philadelphia-parking-authority-ppa-ride-tax-uber-lyft-20180220.html?mobi=true The cash-strapped Philadelphia Parking Authority wants to add a 50-cent surcharge to every taxi, Lyft, and Uber ride in the city. In a report Tuesday to the agency's board, PPA...
  19. Toronto (Ontario)
    Can someone explain to me why AirBNB only takes 10% fee for referring business to the AirBNB user, but Uber and Lyft take >= 30% fee, and remitting only 70% to the drivers? Both are technology companies, and both basically provide referral service for the user/driver????? - PLEASE advise.
1-20 of 43 Results