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  1. Complaints
    Just FYI, I do deliver for Uber eats with a bicycle. No one is going to be perfect times and we do mess up. I can get criticism if it was my own mistake, but getting complaints from somebody else’s mistake is so annoying. So today, I got a thumbs down because of a missing item. As you should...
  2. Ratings
    so according to Uber's website, https://www.uber.com/c/180-days/improved-ratings-and-feedback/ all riders are now required to give reasons for low stars, but just today I receive a ratting less than five without explanation.
  3. Orlando
    Anyone else's notice the newest bullshit about rider feedback issues. ALMOST everyday I drive now I get some kind of rider feedback issue.. Latest was "late arrival missed eta".. Probably because the ****ing pax made me wait 4 minutes after I arrived.. Lately; a lot of riders are taking...
1-3 of 3 Results