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  1. Salt Lake City
    Hello. My name is Chris Guzman. I drive off and on for few years from Mpls. I'm in Salt lake for my 3rd surgery since September 25. I am now recovering at a nursing home in Midvale. I had no idea they were sending me here. So I don't have anything with me. I know the rules. So I thought I'd...
  2. News
    https://abc13.com/amp/society/uber-driver-recorded-asking-passenger-for-sex/3560788/ Uber has fired a Houston area driver after he's seen on camera, asking a passenger for sex. Madison Campos said she called for an Uber on May 23 to pick her up from an eyelash appointment. The driver picked...
  3. Houston
    Has anyone ever delivered for door dash and favor simultaneously? Or, if not those companies, at least two mobile apps for food delivery? If you did, what was your worst experience with your deliveries? I work for Door Dash 36 hours per week and it's still not quite enough financially. I've...
  4. Technology
    I'm building an on-demand platform, called Zipible, that allows you to create your own on-demand business for anything. I'm looking for feedback from the Uber People community, as I've been reading your comments about other on-demand companies and I've tried to solve some of those issues within...
  5. Dallas
    I guess there aren't enough Uber drivers in the DFW willing to make a taco truck out of their cars yet, so they're looking for more. Anyone signed up yet? Oooooh, a 10% increase. Lol.
  6. Austin
    Is anyone working Favor, Postmates, etc? I have been doing Uber for about 6 months and after last nights round of drunken idiots I am wondering if you can earn money delivering packages instead of mean drunk folks.
1-6 of 6 Results