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  1. Washington DC
    Pick up a couple. She seated behind me and ask me to close my window. I of course, do and the guy open his window.I think he FARTED!!!!! She ask him to close it and they guy said no. My god!!!! What a trip !!!!!! I had to hold my breath for more than a few blocks. Jajajajaja
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I picked up 2 guys and a girl on main street last night and as I started driving this is what happened pass1: hey bro pass2: yea? leg lifts and really loud fart about 10 seconds long pass1: tag you're it pass2: oooh dude nasty hahaha. leg lifts and really loud fart about 5 seconds long...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Almost silent. One little... beep!.Not a Chernobyl gas., just toxic enough to receive his apologies... accepted with ..oh , no problem..anytime.(sarcastic for myself)..Money talks 18.00 trip with 5 for tip...Finally I learned the real value of a little fart....5 dollars.. Not bad.... Imagine 5...
  4. Stories
    So. My better half made some awesome chilli for dinner last night. I went through the day at work going from meeting to meeting. Got in my car and started on my way home to the suburbs. Traffic has been bad due to the snowstorm and it's kinda cold outside so I figured instead of sitting on...
  5. Advocacy
    Why just 5 star everyone? Why just accept everybody without looking? Why bother with 2, 3, or 4 stars when you rate. Make it Yes or no. 1 star or 5 star your pax. If you see a pax with 4.6 take one for the team, give them a ride and then...givem 1 star. Get them out of the system. Heavy...
1-5 of 5 Results