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  1. Autonomous
    Faced with seesawing commodity prices and the pressure to be more efficient and environmentally friendly, farmer Jamie Butler is trying out a new worker on his 450-acre farm in England's Hampshire countryside. Methodically inspecting Butler's winter wheat crop for weeds and pests, the laborer...
  2. Miami
    I just started driving for uber for 2 days and I just found out that personal insurance does not cover us and Florida is just one of unlucky states with no rideshare except for farmers insurance(not sure how high the prices are) on this thread...
  3. Columbus
    Farmers Insurance just started an exclusive deal with Uber to help make sure all drivers have the coverage they need and want. Farmers is able to provide full coverage (increased liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) during period 1, during the time Uber has only limited liability...
1-3 of 3 Results