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  1. Complaints
    Uber just sent me a message that they will deactivate me immediately if they detect Again I am using false GPS location Data? WTF!! Then contacted support in the Philippines, and was told I need to turn over my phone for analysis immediately to the Uber Greenlight Hub. Privacy issues. I have...
  2. Dallas
    I took a ride from love field AP to DFW AP. As usual, I take 35 to 635. I check the fare details and uber subtracted a mile and graphed that I took a different route. The adjusted route only cost me a dollar less, but this is plain illegal. They could at least graphed that I took actual roads...
  3. Advice
    I have a couple of Uber friends, some times we hang together while waiting for pings or just to chat and smoke. One of them uses an Iphone, I use and android and so its the other guy. So last night the guy using the Iphone got to one of my drop locations (I have about 7 around the city where...
1-3 of 3 Results