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  1. Complaints
    See screenshot. I dunno what's worse... The bonus a new driver MIGHT earn (Salem is an extremely slow market, good luck hitting the ride requirements!), The lie about $35/hour, Or the Great Insurance claim!
  2. Complaints
    Hello All! My name is Nick and I am a new driver to UBER. I started beginning of August under the promotion 'Complete 100 Trips under 30 days and get $1,000.00'. So I completed the trips in under 2 weeks and been waiting patiently for my $1,000.00 to magically appear in my account. After a few...
  3. Brisbane
    This thread contains irrefutable evidence that Uber is lying to recruit drivers. This information can be used against Uber Technologies in a future law suit: Today is Thursday 9th June. Uber currently have a paid advertisement on Guntree.com.au in the Brisbane Region inside the 'transport...
  4. Advice
    Uber love to give the public the impression that their drivers are small business owners or 'micro-entrepreneurs'. source I received some abuse on this forum for complaining about the rates that Uber set. People would say "Nobody is forcing you to drive for Uber". - This I could not argue...
  5. Stories
    So Uber sent me another text claiming that they would be guaranteeing me $1,500 Take-Home this week if I could give 125 rides. I instantly emailed them because I knew this was a play on words. The staff member told me that it was gross income that would be guaranteed. In other words, they would...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Every time I log into the Uber Drivers App, I see surges promising drivers rates x2.0... however when a driver gets matched with the rider, the advertised surge rate is x1.5. I understand surges are spontaneous, but after not accepting the trip the map still shows rates of x2.0, and will...
1-6 of 6 Results