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  1. Atlanta
    Uber Rating System, Is It Fair? For Uber Rating System, 4.6 rating is Poor performance and Uber will deactivate you for that kind of rating. Generally speaking, we know that 5 star rating is Best Rating or perfect rating and 4 stars is generally considered Good rating. However, Uber sees 4.6...
  2. News
    FLSA Rising: Ever-shifting wage, hour standards promise to keep employers, lawyers struggling to keep up with law http://madisonrecord.com/stories/510635342-flsa-rising-ever-shifting-wage-hour-standards-promise-to-keep-employers-lawyers-struggling-to-keep-up-with-law ... Mere weeks after the...
  3. News
    Second Circuit Holds That Parties May Not Voluntarily Settle Claims Under the Fair Labor Standards Act With Prejudice Without Judicial or Department of Labor Approval http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/second-circuit-holds-that-parties-may-31717/
1-3 of 3 Results