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  1. Lyft
    I'm reading a whole lot of very bad reviews and horror stories for the Fair car leasing option with Uber--bad cars, very poor customer service, and being charged for services not rendered. So, I've decided to look into Lyft's Express Drive program. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and will be driving...
  2. Lyft
    Hey. SO i just got in the smallest accident ever while driving for lyft. I'm in Express Drive, this is a rental through lyft and CarMax. I was dropping a passenger off, didn't click the button yet, and she scraped me. I was parallel parking, had my blinker on, was pulling in and she pulled...
  3. Lyft
    This company not only left me stranded on the road! they destoyed my life!! they are monsters!!! I'm posting on every forum today!! how hertz express drive is a scam!!! they won't even give me my deposit back!!!
  4. Lyft
    This company made me homeless and doesn't give a ----! About anyone! After driving 3 years and over 9000 rides, this last week was the lowest they have gone, after my car was towed from a broken fan belt , they wouldn't even get me a car. I had to wait until the next day because it was Sunday...
  5. Lyft
    Well i have to be out of my apartment by monday,these policies have destroyed my life, only 10% primetime, and having to move, I wonder how much more money lyft made, by starving their drivers out of their life? I have to check every ride, and their are a lot of them that are short too, talk...
1-5 of 5 Results