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  1. Chicago
    Recently while in the pit, I declined 2 consecutive Uber Pool ride pings within 10 seconds of each other, then I accepted an UberX ping about 20 seconds after that. While on the way to the terminal, Uber then added another rider, also to be at the same terminal . . . I thought, wtf, this ping...
  2. Las Vegas
    A buddy of mine (not me!!) recently ran over a large curb, (no pax involved) did a significant amount of damage (scratches) and is scared that if he makes a claim or goes to renew, that he won't be able to get another vehicle. Thoughts?
  3. Advice
    I was going to pick up a passenger last night but before I got to them I was backing up and scraped the back, lower right portion of the bumper. The damage was minor, probably expensive though, car was very drivable and I just finished driving for the night. Problem is that the vehicle is an...
  4. San Francisco
    Long time lurker first time poster here :) Curious if you drive for Fuber in SF, about what percentage of your custies are: 1. Express Poo (%) 2. Poo (%) 3. X (%) 4. Anything higher (%) Vs for Lyft: 1. Shared (%) 2. Lyft (%) 3. Anything higher (%) For the statistically challenged, the Uber...
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
    Has anyone else noticed that their per hour earnings have gone down quite a bit since Express Poo?
  6. Lyft
    This company made me homeless and doesn't give a ----! About anyone! After driving 3 years and over 9000 rides, this last week was the lowest they have gone, after my car was towed from a broken fan belt , they wouldn't even get me a car. I had to wait until the next day because it was Sunday...
  7. Boston
    Check this out. For some reason my express pay is higher than my dashboard payout. Can anyone explain this?
  8. News
    https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/21/17020484/uber-express-pool-launch-cities UberPool has long occupied a weird place in the ride-hailing company's lineup of services. Riders love it because its so cheap, but drivers hate it because of the stress of ferrying multiple passengers to a variety of...
  9. Boston
    Was near the end of pulling a 12 hour shift this morning, got a ping for an Xpress pool. Drove to the location and waited for the rider, after 1 minute gave him a quick ring. I told him where I was and he began yelling at me and asking why I didn't come to his address. I explained he ordered...
  10. San Francisco
    "As a reminder, you may start getting "EXPRESS POOL" requests. This is a pilot designed to reduce the stress of POOL and make pickups and dropoffs easier for you. Riders in the pilot will need to schedule their POOL rides in advance and will be directed to walk to a nearby corner to be picked...
  11. Lyft
    They are destroying everything I worked for, in the matter of a few weeks, I went from 800 a week, to being ripped off of an extra 400..it's beyond different!! How can they be so ruthless!!
  12. Lyft
    Everyone I know that is driving express drive is starving! They are destroying express drive and drivers. These new policies are rotton and impossible to achieve. This is a huge scam!!! It's entrapment and no one can get ahead. Im contacting the news channels, its criminal activity....
  13. Lyft
    The express drive rental program waived your rental when I signed up, although almost every week, I was over charged for miles, 50, 100, 150 dollars...300 extra miles, sometimes...when I know I only drove less then 100....never heard back from them. Now they want the 35 New peak rides in order...
1-14 of 14 Results