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  1. Australia
    Seeing all the trip info up front does not help. Supposed 5% commission does not help. Your “flexibility” does not help. Without minimum legal rates of pay, driver exploitation will continue. Fight back! Join us today @ Rideshare Driver Network (RDN) | rideshare, driver, industry, association...
  2. News
    here is some research from Australia.great info in here and accurate for australia. Drivers Income Below the Minimum,the lower it goes the better for Pax and for Uber ==>> More Pax,Pax spend more as trips are so cheap ==>> More Revenue ==> HIGHER COMPANY VALUATION ==>> pre IPO investors who own...
  3. Advice
    It boggles the mind why some Drivers still accept rides that consist of more than 2 riders. The Driver is paid ONLY a single fare, and the rest of the group NEVER tips, after having ridden on a SINGLE fare. Plus, it accelerates the wear & tear of your vehicle. Drivers are not thinking. You...
  4. Las Vegas
    I came across this article that speaks very openly about the realities of this "gig economy." While the author fails to mention the unfair offloading of equipment costs to gig workers that are normally carried by non-gig companies, the author does bring up other issues like our higher...
  5. Toronto (Ontario)
  6. Complaints
    we do it all. Gas, maintenance, oil changes. We provide a car, customer service and the driving in Uber takes 40 or 50% of the damn fare. Exploitation!!! Uber needs to lower their take! Press are you reporting??
  7. Jacksonville
    Lyft and Uber have serious issues with driver retention. The industry reports that most drivers quit driving within the first year and both companies are offering generous incentives to keep drivers on the road. What we know now is that drivers who work 7 days a week, 10 to 15 hours per day are...
  8. Sydney
    Uber sells driving to people as a 'great way to earn extra money'. They put ads on Google saying that you'll earn $25-30/hour with your own car. This couldn't be further than the truth. Driving for Uber is extremely low profit after expenses, especially when they change rates and rules at...
1-8 of 8 Results