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  1. London
    Hello everybody. Im 12 years experienced driver located by Heathrow. Have been through all major companies as a company driver, the last one being Crawfords for the last three years. This year I hired an e class and signed to AddLee, Wheely and Driven, planning Excel as well and hoping for...
  2. UK
    So... Hello all 1st of all, I am planning of buying Mercedes Benz E class (2018 plate from official car dealer)... - Shall I buy brand new 2018 plate or second hand?so I don't have to pay 10k to own the car. Car would cost 41-47K -Shall I get petrol or hybrid engine? -Shall I get borrow...
  3. London
    Has anyone here have any experience with the above please? Can you work both simultaneously? Or another firm I haven’t considered? Currently I work Friday and Saturday night for my local office in the burbs which is fine but I’m not getting enough time in London to help me with my knowledge...
  4. London
    Hi everyone, How is it with Uber EXEC? I’m thinking of purchasing a car suitable for EXEC. What do you think? Is it worth doing it in / around London if you consider all the expences (petrol, insurance, car etc.)? Sorry for posting this but I was searching through topics and didn’t really find...
  5. London
    So here's one for all you having a dig at drivers with exec cars on uber x... I received an email a couple of months ago prompting me I would soon be legible as an exec member providing me with info about what car would be needed and so on.. so I gave notice on my current car and got myself an e...
  6. London
    So I have been hearing from people who have recently visited UBER Offices and newly joined UBER Exec that Uber plans to enforce all old and new Exec drivers to do X and Exec jobs after New Years. Anyone else heard of this?
  7. Advice
    Hello Uberrers.. Any1 here got upgraded from X to Exec after Doing 1000 trips with 4.85 rating? How Was ur Experience.... Making 50% more than X... Or Still chasing up?
1-7 of 7 Results