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  1. New Jersey
    At somewhat opposite ends of the state, two big amateur wrestling events will be taking place. There is the high school state tournament in Atlantic City that started on Thursday and will end on Saturday. I’ve never driven in AC, so I wonder how much more traffic the event will bring. In...
  2. Chicago
    With Halloween being on Wednesday and also last weekend’s Halloween parties I think a lot of people took last night off from going out and about. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the below has the potential to trigger extra surge later. Later today/tonight: ND vs NU 6:15p at Ryan Field Bulls...
  3. Las Vegas
    I'm trying to locate a link that provides information on weekly events in Vegas ( conferences, shows, etc.).. I know that Lyft has updated information for drivers. Does Uber have the same? Thanks!
  4. Dallas
    Hi guys. Just wanted to know are there any events happening in the arlington - ft worth area is it worth heading out in the hot weather looking around for pax? Or should i wait till its cooler? I live in the north east suburb in richardson fyi. thanks for your input. open to suggestions.
  5. Chicago
    Maybe some of you City Mice will be spun out to Tinley Park, the one-time World Theater, in the coming days. https://www.songkick.com/venues/533-hollywood-casino-amphitheatre/calendar Saturday afternoon, that Long Trip 45+ might be to St. Charles. You might get a car full of Ted Nugent fans...
  6. Chicago
    As I arrived downtown for overnight rideshare fun, I've sometimes been called on to pick up early-exit concertgoers after Northerly Island concerts. Traffic control on McFetridge is fine--it's a dropoff loop. I experienced the post Dave Matthews Band crowds on Fri & Sat. After concerts, cops...
  7. Connecticut
    What tips do you guys have for picking up pax from the xfinity theater? The DMB concert this past weekend was a total shitshow, not sure how to avoid the gridlock next time
  8. Springfield
    If you are driving in or around Springfield, MA, you may be interested in these events: Disney On Ice: Dream Big Massmutual Center, Springfield, MA Sat, Mar 24, 2018 @ 11:00AM Disney On Ice: Dream Big Massmutual Center, Springfield, MA Sat, Mar 24, 2018 @ 3:00PM Disney On Ice: Dream Big...
  9. New Jersey
    I think I just had a Eureka moment - I am probably not the 1st one to have this idea, but I haven’t seen the term “Destination Surge” anywhere - Uber & Lyft should put in a “Destination Surge” for rides that are going to a heavily crowded location. For example - Manhattan in December is a...
  10. Boston
    Are there any rules associated with picking up at Patriots games (similar to say the airport of pick up in X parking lot etc?) What are practices to ensure safe pick-up in the madness of that traffic? (My brother is a season ticket holder and I'm dropping him off so I'm gonna be there and...
  11. Denver
    With the summer heating up concerts are starting to pop up all over. One area thst may or may not be forgotten is D.S.G.P I played here last year with annoying success. That turned out not to be successful because of wait times and such. Tracking down the PAX was hard. I honestly blame...
  12. St. Louis
    I think it would be a great help to everyone here if we had daily threads where we can post and share information (locations and times) of events that are happening around town that arn't as well known to everyone. We all know when theres a Ball Game going on.... but concerts, university...
  13. Advice
    I'm a new driver and wondering if anyone has advice on whether or not there are events that you like to avoid. If so, why?
  14. Advice
    Do riders park nearby then call u? Or do they get a ride all the way home? If a driver goes to a big event that lasts all day, where do you go to get rides
  15. Denver
    Hello Denver Drivers, Denver Dryvline is a free, easy to read, Denver specific weekly email newsletter which gives drivers local and up to date information about if, where, and when each day of the upcoming week will see demand. It is delivered once a week in a simple and easy to use format...
  16. Melbourne
    Hi guys. We are holding our annual New Years Eve and New Years Day event in Melbourne each expecting to bring 3000 people. In a meeting with the council last week they told us that we can now set up Uber tents/ranks for the end of the night instead of taxi ranks. I've tried looking online for...
  17. Washington DC
    Has anyone worked these type of events and are they worth it? The Cavs are in town next Friday and I'd like to get in on the action....any general tips are appreciated! :cool:
  18. San Francisco
    I was hoping some of you could help me out . I normally Drive in Los Angeles but I come up here occasionally to visit my nephew and drive while I'm up here since the fares are so much better than Los Angeles ( 85 cents/mile). I really love your city. My question is I was considering going to...
  19. Atlanta
    Its truly an experience working the Phish concerts Friday and Saturday. This was my second time. The first time was when they were at Lakewood. The passengers are cool when you take them to the concert but when you picked them up after the concert it's like picking up zombies. Every time I would...
  20. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Is this it for the Dodger game surge? 2.1??
1-20 of 33 Results