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  1. Chicago
    Thought on this recent ruling vs Uber that it must regulated as taxi? How will this impact US market? Viability of Uber as business model overseas? Uber Is Dealt a Fresh Blow in European Legal Case http://flip.it/wXxVml
  2. News
    Bloomberg June 2, 2017 By Nir Kaissar Uber is a technology company. It is also a transportation company. That may seem like a trivial distinction, but a lot is riding on it. And not just for Uber, but for every disrupter that fancies itself a technology company. Europe’s highest court --...
  3. News
    Why Uber's Struggling to Remain a Tech Company BloombergView by Leonid Bershidsky, May 12, 2017 It is now highly likely that the European Court of Justice will later this year reject Uber's fiction that it's simply a marketplace that brings together drivers and riders by declaring it -- gasp...
1-3 of 3 Results