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  1. Chatter
    How long did you believe in an incorrect thing about yourself or about the world? How did it affect your life? Have you recovered from the after effects or psychological dissonance caused by how wrong you were? I know the popular answer is going to be "signing up for Uber/Lyft/whatever" but...
  2. Tips
    If you were guaranteed the same exact pay as you get now with tips, provided by a different pay structure with no tips of any kind, which pay structure would you prefer? Status quo pay with tips or hypothetical pay without tips? Same exact pay to the penny, tips or no tips? So hypothetically...
  3. Stories
    I see a lot of folks say these sorts of things when a rideshare story is told in this forum. "Karma will get this [bad actor] eventually." "You were too nice to this [bad actor]. No good deed goes unpunished." So which is it? While they are not completely opposed ideas, the former is pretty...
  4. Seattle
    Uber employees are feeling better about their employer and their own work, according to a new leaked employee survey. The poll is conducted every six months and this latest one is from October, according to Business Insider, who first reported on the leaked answers to 35 questions the workers...
  5. Charlotte
    So I’m new to the whole Rideshare game, but in my short time I’ve identified and written Uber on 2 things. The first was the fact they were Surging the secure part of the airfield at CLT that no drivers have access, to entice drivers to move towards the airport, but neither the queue nor...
  6. Autonomous
    How does everyone feel about self-driving cars? Besides taking jobs away, are you afraid of having them on the street in general?
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
  8. Washington DC
    Hello Ubers, I am writing a paper on Uber ethics and I can use this poll as a source. Thank you for participating, Zechariah
  9. Advice
    I won't be writing them about this again
1-9 of 14 Results