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  1. Cleveland & Akron
    Judging by the number of 'experienced drivers' calling me for insurance quotes, I'm not surprised to see this. Story here
  2. Insurance
    Just a heads up to all ride sharers in PA. If you have Progressive insurance, cancel it now and go with Erie or Geico. Erie has much better rates and clear "three tiers" in their own Hybrid policies. Here's my story with progressive. I had a minor fender bender (off app and off line). Cost...
  3. Indianapolis
    Hello Everyone - I am venturing out into the Uber Driving world, have been doing it for about 2 months, thought I did my homework, found this website and now realize that I may have looked over a few things. First - why do we need ride share insurance, I contacted my current agent and yes, I...
1-3 of 3 Results