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  1. Lyft
    LA TRAFFIC It's not even subjected to a surge at rush hour! why!!! Winter has just as much traffic as Summer. I work 30 hours and use to make 800! my rides are all cherry picked, 15 minutes away, drive to LAX for 2 hours and back for 13 dollars. last night driving 45 minutes in Hollywood no...
  2. San Francisco
    So uber does not say greyball isn't a thing. They apparently were using it to keep law enforcement officials from using illegal entrapment methods to create illegal situations and then fine drivers for their participation in those incidents. At least that's my takeaway from UBER's explanation...
  3. Lyft
    Express drive was good, until this lame bonus 150 bonus ....but were taking 110 extra out! Tee hee!! Entrapment!!!
  4. Stories
    I had a caller who said that they weren't at the indicated address (across highway I-70 from the Saint Louis airport). As soon as I accepted the request he called to try to get me to pick up at the Southwest Airlines terminal. THIS IS WHAT MAY BE CALLED ENTRAPMENT. I think the Taxi commission...
  5. New Jersey
    So last night, I was doing my weekend Uber driving down in Sea Isle, Ocean City, Avalon...ya know, the whole strip. As I was driving around, I started noticing what looked like Uber drivers pulled over pretty consistently throughout all of the cities I was picking up in. So, I started to get...
1-5 of 5 Results