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  1. New Jersey
    Got a report of bad "professionalism". Had a pax call me about 2mins after the ping. Pax: uhhhhhh are you coming? It doesn't show you moving (Valley girl/entitled brat tone) Me: yup, at a red light... app.is also delayed. I knew I should've canceled but I was bored. Tuesday nites are slow...
  2. Philadelphia
    Reason why I hate driving at night in CC...the rude and entitled little twits who order my Honda Civic and come out with 5 passengers. Next time, I'm driving off and I want them to make sure they leave their toes under the tire. (Why can't I be heartless) someone help me grow a set of big...
  3. Stories
    I know this isn't an Uber story but I just had to share. pretty much this article explains how a 22 year old blows off $90k of her college funds and refuses to take responsibility and action to pay for her now $20k bill. She blows her college fund by shopping and taking a Euro Trip. Then...
1-3 of 3 Results