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  1. Technology
    Data scientists and data engineers help Uber and Lyft extract value from their masses of data. By William Chen, Data Scientist at Quora, Updated Mar 3, 2015 Note: I have no inside information and I do not work for either of these companies. These are just my personal ideas of how Uber and Lyft...
  2. Technology
    Uber often performs updates to the driver-App, the rider-App, or both several times a week. Does anybody know where or how we can find out what changes ave been made as part of a particular update? Perhaps an engineering web page that gives release notes for the various updates.
  3. News
    http://www.recode.net/2017/2/27/14745360/amit-singhal-google-uber Amit Singhal, a highly regarded engineer in Silicon Valley, denied the claims after top execs at the search giant presented them to him. Amit Singhal has left his job at Uber as its SVP of engineering, because he did not...
  4. News
    http://www.theverge.com/2017/2/19/14664474/uber-sexism-allegations A former Uber engineer has published an explosive account of sexism and power struggles in the workplace, with allegations beginning from her very first official day with the company. The engineer, Susan Fowler (who left Uber in...
  5. San Francisco
    Who can do anything to get UBER to remove/opt-me-out of their new "security" feature? Read details below on my position. Then respond to, "What's your position on this feature, and why?" This new (Sept.-Nov. 2016) Uber security policy for UBER Drivers' "Real-Time ID Checks" is both sexually...
  6. Technology
    I've seen a few (former) CSR's but any engineers trolling around on these forums that could answer technical (geeky) questions?
1-6 of 6 Results