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  1. Kansas City
    Any drivers at KCI on Friday, April 27th around 9 PM? See if you saw this guy. Call KCPD if you did. Missing Person: 74 y/o Peter Carstens. White male, bald, blue eyes. Wearing a black jacket. 5'9", about 125 lbs. Last seen getting into a cab.
  2. Stories
    Anyone heard of or gotten a request from them before? Apparently they are a 3rd-party that help elderly non-tech savvy people get Uber rides and charge a $0.19/min from the second the request is made until the trip is over. Would you accept a request from these guys? Do you think they are...
  3. Washington DC
    I was so disappointed by this ping. I saw GoGo & thought maybe a hot big knockered stripper. Sadly, I was crestfallen when I learned that GoGo is a service that is for the elderly. It helps them with their phones among other things. If you get a ping from GoGo, if you call to find out where...
  4. Advice
    "A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members" I've noticed lately that many older drivers (say 50+) tell me they are doing this only because they don't have any other options. Some admit to taking risks because their night vision isn't so good. Is it true that...
1-4 of 4 Results