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  1. El Paso
    Hello, I have been driving for uber for quite some time keeping a great rating and acceptance rate. This labor day weekend El Paso uber decided to "lie" to drivers promising an addiontal trip bonus on the home screen of the partner app. An additional $1, $5, $10 was promoted for driving...
  2. El Paso
    Has anyone found or started an El Paso Uber page I Facebook yet? A driver told me there are some Facebook Uber drivers that use the messenger and all that to communicate.
  3. El Paso
    HI All, Just got a notice that Uber is discontinuing UberXL in the city of El Paso, I guess this was a 2 month experiment that they didn't want to continue with. I guess I'll be selling my 7 passenger vehicle soon.
1-3 of 3 Results