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  1. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Congrats guys, for making the new Vancouver Sub-Forum so lively and rich in information, as you get the hang of this ride-hail thing in your city. Because there was not much activity in the Calgary and Edmonton sub-forums, they have been merged into one Western Canada Subforum. This one, right...
  2. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Let's get a roll call of who is left in this sub! Lurkers welcome!
  3. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Hello Everyone, I am just here to ask as to what is the current UBER cut from every trip in the Edmonton area? It used to be 25% but I have heard it has gone up. I have been thinking of trying this to see if it's more profitable than driving a taxi, but I am not sure. Looking back to...
  4. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Hi, i recently started Driving for Uber, i live in Edmonton, Canada , its busy in here decent money too. i am thinking to drive for Calgary Stampeed this summer. I would like to know if it worth driving all the way to Calgary and stay there for 2 weeks and get Airbnb?if any of you have done...
  5. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    If you are still ignoring change your personal plate to commercial one. By Jan 25th your account will be frozen.just receive text from UBER. So what you waiting for. Make sure you have ridesharing insurance as well.
  6. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Hi folks. I had a few riders this week comment if I was recording them (no). So I ask if anyone in AB has a dashcam (single or dual) with signs or not (if required or not). Or if some one has a link to the laws regarding this? If no one knows I will goto my local cop shop and ask, then...
  7. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    Who is the Edmonton admin and how might I contact of them Thankx
1-7 of 7 Results