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  1. News
    https://www.oregonlive.com/tylt/2019/01/is_it_okay_to_eat_in_an_uber_o.amp You would never whip out a hamburger in your friend's car without asking if it was okay, right? The same goes for Ubers and Lyfts. Your food stinks up the car for the rest of the day, affecting drivers' business and...
  2. Washington DC
    As a driver I have no problem with short low voiced phone calls passengers may make.....short n sweet. But there are those that speak loudly, are on their phone the entire trip or are otherwise distracting for me. Can I disallow cel phone use, eating and drinking in my car since it affects my...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just submitted all paperwork to start driving everything is Green and active , Status says: ONBOARDING. ( I'm assuming background check ) - Is smoking a Yes or NO: - Eating Y/N: - GPS: Waze, google M, Apple M, etc.. ? : - How long (hours) do you spend in vehicle to make $1000 gross (AVERAGE)...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    If you are one of those drivers that drive long hours and take some naps to rest up and continue, be careful where you park, read the signs, or you may wake up having a ticket to pay for that nap.Maybe it is old news but it is new to me so I wanted to share it, I found this one yesterday.
  5. New Jersey
    She waited until i was on the parkway north and then opens this box with chicken and starting eating. i tell her you're not allowed to eat in the car and she just laughs and opens a can of soda. when she left i have greasy chicken crust skin all over my back seat and she spilled some of the soda .
  6. Complaints
    I don't usually like to complain about stuff especially to a group of people I don't even know but this has gotten on my nerves for some time now. Does anyone else find it extremely rude when pax eat in your car? I can't stand the smell of their greasy food, the sound of their mouths chewing, or...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    What's going on???? After almost 2 years driving and thousands of rides, 2 new things happened this morning. Woman asks me in a low mumbled tone, 'Can I eat my breakfast in the car?' what did she say??? She had just opened a plastic container as the 'scent' of curry wafts through the car. I...
  8. Dallas
    I don't allow food or drinks in my car period but I hear all the time how some other Uber driver took them through the drive through. I am curious why anyone would do this? You are not making any money waiting in a drive thru, they are not going to tip you and your car is going to stink the...
1-8 of 8 Results