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  1. Chicago
    Dear Paxholes: My car is not an eating place ... Please!!! No food, no drinks, no smoking, no hairspray. Cleaning up spills and working to get rid of food, smoke, odors, and dirty windows, costs me time and lost income. Please eat, drink, and apply your makeup somewhere else...
  2. New Jersey
    An interesting article... https://articles.oregonlive.com/tylt/2019/01/is_it_okay_to_eat_in_an_uber_o.amp
  3. Seattle
    When someone with (visible) food wants to get into my car, I let them know that they cannot eat inside my car. I also won't let in pax with open (uncovered) cups. I've had two different rides recently where a pax (who had no food in evidence upon getting in) pulled out snacks from their...
  4. Advice
    Passenger was angry because I didn't stop at McDonalds, then requested I speed to hurry to get to the destination. Told her speed limit was 30mph, she got angry at that as well. I recently realized we virtually don't get paid for waiting only 15 to 20 cents per minute. Moreover, learned...
  5. Las Vegas
    I recieved what I consider to be an inappropriate PM from LAuberX on August 9, 2017. Because of that PM, this comment is currently under edit. The owner of uberpeople.net should be aware of this over-reach from LAuberX, as this edit of my content contribution is the direct result of the PM I...
1-5 of 5 Results