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  1. San Francisco - East Bay
    I know I might be able to make more money in rhe city, but the East Bay suits me for several reasons: 1. Less stress. City traffic stresses me out. I’m a veteran of city driving including mid-town NYC so I can handle it, but I don’t like it. 2. Fewer “traps”. I don’t want to worry about...
  2. San Francisco - East Bay
    Its pretty slow out here. I’m even doing Pool rides to try and hit the 10:00 quest. First ride brought me from Livermore to SJ. Working here so I don’t waste time doing dead miles back. Will head back north at 10 to work on the 4am quest. Happy New Year.
  3. San Francisco - East Bay
    Uber pays different rates to different drivers within the same rate area. I know this from speaking with drivers while I've been a passenger. With all of the shenanigans Uber's been doing to pay us less, we should really compare rates. Here's the detail on what I got tonight for a ride from...
  4. San Francisco - East Bay
    Now that you've gotten your forum, keep it busy. We know you got crazy stories to tell and complaints to make.
  5. Complaints
    It was Sunday, around 6 pm, un San Francisco. I had 23 trips left to get the weekend promo. I would normally complete 23 before 1 am but something weird happened that Sunday: It seemed like 90% of the trips I was getting were long trips. They were long enough that they could extend to an hour...
  6. San Francisco
    Hi, I’m new to this, and glad to be here. I live in Alameda, try to drive 1-4 times on weekday mornings, hoping to stay in Alameda/Oakland/Berkeley area. I’m having a very difficult time finding rides- I hang out at BART stations (among other places: Temescal, downtown Oakland) - Rockridge...
  7. San Francisco
    I have heard stories of uber partners making $2,500 a week in San Francisco. Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I will put my best effort in this week and hopefully I shall reach my goal.
1-7 of 7 Results