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  1. New York City
    Hey Guys, Since I thought I'd take tracking my income more seriously, I figured some of you may also be interested. Therefore I created a simple spreadsheet where you can put in your daily earnings, tolls, tips and gas to see both your gross profit and net profit. I didn't include...
  2. New York City
    WhatsUp Folks, So Im Getting Deeper And Deeper Into This Luxury Service Business I came From Uber Suv To Luxury base (1m insurance Upgrade) But Heres Are My Questions And Concern. -Uber Black= NYC To JFK " Normaly Is Like $85-$110 With Uber Fee Taken (TAKE HOME CLEAN) -Luxury Base= NYC TO...
  3. Jacksonville
    I cleaned this up and it's now an Excel doc. Very simple. Enter 6 variables such as gas cost per gallon, your MPG, average trip length and Uber pay rate... **As noted on the calculator, this does NOT include tips nor surge pricing. Take a look, it's a great way to know if what you are doing...
  4. Washington DC
    Hi folks, I'm a new driver and new to the area as well (moved from Chicago). I plan to work about 12-16 hours per weekend just to make a little side income. Is it worthwhile to drive Sat and Sunday afternoons? What can I expect in earnings (before expenses and taxes) driving say 16 hours per...
  5. Pay
    Hey Drivers, We're DailyPay! We put cash in your bank account each day for your earnings across different rideshare and delivery platforms. We are now accepting GRUBHUB DELIVERY, DOORDASH, INSTACART & FASTEN drivers as well as Restaurants on GrubHub and Seamless. We have thousands of Clients...
  6. Pay
    I love the earnings calculator under the resources tab. Has anyone done this up as a spread sheet and is willing to share? I'm not smart with spreadsheets so I can't do it myself, but would love it if someone else has figured that out. TIA Marie
1-6 of 6 Results