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  1. Advice
    Hi everyone, I need a ride at 6:45 am on thursday from UCSD. Are there a drivers that could accommodate this? Thanks!
  2. Atlanta
    Ok, So only good clean/light traffic spots I know are Atlantic station public bathroom next to the movies, EARLY A.M tho. And the coffee spot on piedmont and peachtreee. Just askin cuz I'm eatin big tonite. Any other good spots? so any other good clean bathrooms?
  3. Atlanta
    Received a ping 20 minutes away.... I got to my destination at 5:15 AM. I waited for pax to come out but he never came out after 5 minutes so I texted him and he did not respond so I called him saying "I was here." He told me that I arrived too early and that pick up schedule was for 5:40AM. Is...
  4. Melbourne
    Hi. I'm hoping that I can get some help from other drivers about the best times to drive on Sundays. What is a good time to start in the AM, avoiding the last of the Saturday night revellers but getting those who slept away from home and want to go home in the morning. What about the rest of the...
1-4 of 4 Results