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  1. Washington DC
    Got a request at the USA Today Building in Tysons pulled a quick U'ey at the lobby only to be harrassed by some ghetto rent a cop who looked like Mo'nique in Soul Plane told me "Don't be sequaking tires in the lot" the damn area is tiles, guess Mo'nique could tell out of her fake Green Contacts...
  2. Washington DC
    65 for $195... been waiting for this whale...here we go!
  3. Washington DC
    Today's a federal holiday. D.C. is a government town. When the feds are off, a lot of ancillary businesses are too. What does this mean for demand for Uber? Jackshit. So what does Uber do witb Boosts for afternoon rush hour? Big Boosts in the city, like this: What does Uber do the rest of...
1-3 of 3 Results