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  1. Complaints
    Sure this had been broached before, but I'm wondering what are some of the strangest (or just stupid) questions or requests that passengers have asked?? I know I have a few, but am wondering about yours. Guess I just ask because recently, I've had more than one pax get in (one with a...
  2. Washington DC
    What is it with these people who schedule trips just to go up the block like seriously if you are going to schedule a ride make it worth my time and at least guarantee it since all the ones I've ever gotten where based on me being nearby anyway
  3. New Jersey
    Pick up older couple from djais. First complain that I asked them to walk across the street to my parked car. Nice drive to Jackson they both pass out. Dude wakes up and starts puking out the window (I knew it was coming because he rolled his window down before he fell asleep). I wait like a...
  4. Washington DC
    Taking lady to airport at 4 am.She was asking why there aren't many Uber's out 4- 5am... She says she takes a Uber regularly to the airport and wishes we could pickup there also. She was happy to know that Uber's do pickup and camp out at the airport. Common sense... Duh.
1-4 of 4 Results