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  1. Advice
    I'm two weeks in driving with Uber and last night got my first really drunk passenger. Up to this point everyone has been lovely and mostly silly, always accompanied by more sober friends. This guy was a mess--probably blacked out, sloppy, and really loud. I was actually alarmed for the first...
  2. News
    https://www.circa.com/video/2019/01/24/nation/passenger-tries-to-grab-steering-wheel-from-uber-driver-on-sacramento-highway Terrifying video shows the moment an intoxicated Uber passenger reached over and grabbed the car's steering wheel with both hands, telling the driver "we're going to...
  3. Dallas
    Hey guys, I relocated from NYC just a few days ago and already had to deal with drunk passengers three times... I feel like the people here use uber just to get back home from drinking nights and not to move around in the city like they did in nyc... It makes sense in a way but I how do you guys...
  4. Washington DC
    Having a passenger piss or puke in your car is one traumatizing experience for any ride share driver. How do you guys cope with such smelly and revolting act?
1-4 of 4 Results