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  1. New Jersey
    I was drooping off a family at their house and their kids found an iPhone in my car and couple said some pax must have forgotten or accidentally dropped off in the car and they gave it to me. I was hoping pax must contact me either via Lyft or Uber since it is an expensive iPhone. The iPhone...
  2. Atlanta
    What's Going on? Picked up 4 trips early this morning. By noon it showed I received 5 stars from All 4 Trips. But now those 4 trips are all gone. Back to yesterday’s Grand Total Trip. Is the Norm?
  3. Tampa
    I hit the wrong button when i got my insurace online on my Uber car an now i have a few days to prove that i dnt drive for Uber or Lyft or my insurance will drop me. Anybody else had this dilemma? Will they email you actual letters proving that you don't work for them. I never had to prove that...
1-3 of 3 Results