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  1. Tampa
    I don't think I got the memo. Last night, dropped pax at Amalie for the hockey game at the front of the arena, at what used to be the Uber/Lyft drop spot- at the pull in near Channel side and Morgan. The cop flags me down, and he was cool about it, but tells me this is no longer dropoff for...
  2. Chicago
    Although this is my very first post, I've been lurking on this forum for a long time and I don't consider myself a new Uber driver at this point. A lot of great information can be gathered from this forum and I appreciate the helpful people around here. Seasoned Uber drivers who are already...
  3. UberEATS
    UberEats pay is calculated differently than a pickup. Pay is generally slightly higher than UberX for the same distance. Surge, boosts and other promotions may apply if you meet all requirements. However, there is no increase for XL or Premium drivers. The basic pay formula is: (Pickup fee +...
  4. Surge
    from time to time, i am in a surge zone (without meaning to be there), go online get a request 3-4 miles away, takes me out of surge area or i could actually be in surge area as I didn't study the map 100% prior to getting the request. can i only tell if its a surge fare AFTER the drop off?
  5. Technology
    Dropoffmap is a FREE app that gets you better directions because we take you right to the front of your destination. We even show you StreetView pictures before you get there. https://www.dropoffmap.com/ - How it works We use features from the location itself, along with nearby roads to...
  6. Advice
    Hello, I'm in the Summerville/N.Charleston area in South Carolina. I haven't used Uber before but my 17yr old has and he's assured me that he will have no probs getting a ride to the airport from an Uber driver this Friday. Is he correct? He needs a ride from Fort Dorchester High School after...
  7. Delivery
    Is anyone trying Dropoff yet? Focused on Business package delivery. I'm seeking feedback if so.
  8. Boston
    Ive never dropped off at logan airport. is there anything i need to know?
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I had a question. Lyft is now asking that we drop off pax at the rideshare signs. Is that what everyone has been doing?? Is there a fine if caught dropping at the terminals? I'm still dropping Uber passengers at the terminals so I wanted to find out if this was a new thing for Lyft...
  10. Sacramento
    I'm a newer driver and have been requested a few times now to drop off and pick up at SMF Airport. I want to avoid a citation. Any suggestions on when I am pinged, where I can stop at the Terminal. I saw Terminal B says Taxis, so I waited in the back of the line of the other Taxis. Where have...
  11. Connecticut
    LESS DOWNTIME An exciting update to trip requests is coming to Connecticut, designed to help you complete more trips and increase earnings. Starting today, you can accept your next trip request even when you're already on a trip. How It Works Now you'll get requests for trips that start...
1-11 of 11 Results