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  1. Pittsburgh
    Hey, relatively new to Uber. Been driving a few weeks. I had a guy in my car the other day who signed me up for Lyft on the spot for a holiday promotion thing. Anyone ever hear of this? He gave me his business card with the referral code on it and said it was a $200 bonus to start. Any...
  2. Stories
    I was one of the first drivers to sign up to drive for Uber in 2014 for the Fort Myers/Naples/Cape Coral area and I also have the ignoble distinction to become the first Uber driver to be arrested for driving for Uber just because I was doing my job picking up riders from SWFL International...
  3. Washington DC
    "So..is Uber a good company??" "Do drivers need to re-certify, re-train every year to drive Uber??" These where from different pax..I had to focus on driving to keep from crashing the van from laughing so hard. Fun to educate the pax though. AND GO..ADD TO THIS:
  4. Licensed
    Hello folks, I'm glad to be part of this community. There is a question I'd like to ask: I drove in the US with my foreign (german) driver's license for many months. Last month I received my US Driver's license as I got my SSN and the US Work permit. Now I would like to appy to drive for Uber...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    When you add up what you make minus the expenses you realized that you are just barely braking even. How do you justify putting all that time and wear and tear on your car to drive for Uber?
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I dreamed that I was driving for Uber.
  7. Chicago
    I stumbled by UberCommute on a social media site. I'm an Uber driver (3 months) and would like to know what the advantage is for driving UberCommute versus the standard Uber Partner...? Is it designed for the individual that would not want to commit to be an official Uber driver, but might...
  8. Atlanta
    Yesterday, I picked up a passenger that requested for Uber pool service. But she did not know I can pick up others on the way to her destination. So anyway, I picked up 2nd passenger and She felt awkward sitting next to a strange man I just picked up, He was drunk and asking her personal...
1-8 of 8 Results