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  1. Melbourne
    Hi everyone, I'm a rider and I've noticed a trend that I think some drivers should be told about :( There's one nationality dominating driving Ubers in Melbourne and they just don't understand what to say and ask like there's no boundaries. To give you a bit of a background, I'm in my twenties...
  2. San Francisco
    It was just a matter of time!!! Glad I got away from Uber and Lyft. Never felt better!!!!! https://chicago.suntimes.com/business/uber-lyft-drivers-rally-city-council-budget-hearing-wages-ride-hailing/
  3. News
    I don't understand this reasoning. It seems to me that none of these conditions of employment are set in stone unless the employer and the employee agree to them. But I am not an attorney.... https://techcrunch.com/2016/06/02/uber-accused-of-wage-stealing-in-new-lawsuit-from-new-york-drivers/...
1-3 of 3 Results