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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hi all, I live in LA,CA and looking for Uber black to lease and drive on a part time basis 3 to 4 days/week. Please call me at 310 800 6979. Thanks.
  2. News
    Some Uber drivers are reportedly worried they are unknowingly delivering drugs via Uber Connect, the company's courier service. Six drivers from the US and Australia told NBC News they were concerned that customers were using them as "drug mules." One driver told NBC News he took a package to a...
  3. Introductions
    Hello everyone! So I have immigrated to the US a couple of months ago and I want to enroll in Uber as a driver. 1 of their requirements is you have to have US drivers license for at least 1 year and I got mine about a month ago, but I have 10 years of driving experience in my country. Will...
  4. UK
    So I’m fairly new to this, I’m in the UK. A few days ago another Uber eats driver showed me my own profile while stood next to me, he hadn’t placed an order, So how did he do this? I want to do the same as there’s another driver saying he’s on a bike while I’m paying a fortune for insurance. If...
  5. Complaints
    I recently found this site and felt like I needed to write about how Uber deactivated me when I drove even after passenger reached out. I drove in Seattle and had a pick up at the SeaTac airport. Even basic rides were good money since it was out of the city. This day I felt like I finally hit...
  6. Toronto (Ontario)
    Good day community, The City of Toronto has finally approved a provider for the driving course required to apply for the PTC licence to drive Rideshare (Uber, Lyft and Facedrive). New and current drivers will need to complete the course. Cost details have not been provided. If there is a...
  7. Brisbane
    It’s come to my attention that the online gaming community is targeting Uber drivers with fake earnings screenshots. These online gamer’s can’t afford their own cars & have noticed that Ubers are hard to get these days due to the unaffordable costs that are associated with driving for Uber...
  8. Brisbane
    GM of rides Uber Australia doesn’t understand the term “A fair shake of the sauce bottle” for the drivers. Fair dinkum!!!! https://au.linkedin.com/in/dominic-taylor-b2039735
  9. Brisbane
    Every trip today Uber has asked every rider to give me the driver a pin code. Riders are unaware that they have selected that option, anyone else had this?
  10. Melbourne
    https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/first-images-of-melbourne-hit-run-driver-puneet-puneet-surface-from-india-20210905-p58p02.html Looks like our old friend Puneet Puneet is alive and well. This is an event 13 years in the making, but he will finally face his crimes.
  11. London
    Hi all, I’m writing from Clover Films, a multi-award-winning documentary production company based near London. Our international films have won over thirty major honours in the last decade, including several Emmys, ‘broadcast Pulitzers’, Peabodys etc (clover-films.com). We're working on a...
  12. Brisbane
    This is the mentality of Ola - They send me a message “your insurance is running out, it’ll take 72hrs to get approved so act quick to avoid lost time”. So i buy a new insurance a week early then i update it in the app, next day im locked out of the app with a message “you insurance document...
  13. Brisbane
    https://apple.news/AYLO18oRMQJ68Dq1zaNuPeg Uber Decides Not to Make Vaccinations Mandatory for Drivers Uber's CEO believes it's the role of government to mandate vaccinations. Uber has decided it's not going to require drivers to be vaccinated in order to continue working. That's in stark...
  14. New Jersey
    I've been driving for Uber in New Jersey (first all the way down Rt 80 near Morristown, then in Jersey City/Hoboken) since the pandemic started, and.....well, I've been making bank. I did have more maintenance than I hoped for, but I was driving a 2008 Subaru Impreza when I started, and most of...
  15. Sydney
    Why is this limo driver continuously be rubbished when these mine workers who also spread it are unheard of. Go rubbish a different industry you lying journalists! https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-24/limousine-driver-police-investigation-includes-other-offences/100241268
  16. Brisbane
    Type 1 - Driver is fast asleep with no idea how much they are being deceived. Type 2 - Driver has woken up to the deceit & has become cunning.
  17. Advice
    I am currently in the process of signing up to become a driver for Uber. The problem is all other documents that is needed is either pending or accepted by Uber, but.... the background check. No matter how much I submit for a background check, it always comes back as a fail.... it doesn't even...
  18. Austin
    Hey! I’m an UT Austin student and am looking to doing research on Austin ridesharing, more specifically Uber, and I was hoping to learn more about the drivers' perspective. Here’s a quick 2-4 minute survey that would greatly help us better understand y’alls experience as Uber drivers.
  19. Sydney
    1. You HAVE to show drivers the destination location when you send out pings. We don't get this in Sydney (NSW, Australia). 2. Fix the app lag and response issues. 3. Use an arrow for the car when navigating, not a circle. 4. Your GPS locator for address input is poor, not accurate at all...
1-20 of 486 Results