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  1. Austin
    Hey guys! Another post from me. I am enjoying reading all of our ideas and opinions. A friend and I came up with some points that would improve driver experience for Uber/Lyft/any other ride share app. Out of these points below, which do you think you would want and why? Would love to hear any...
  2. Complaints
    Feel free to rant in the comment section. This is a safe place to talk about all the problems you've encountered as a driver and even what you've liked about being one.
  3. UberEATS
    Hi all, anyone else experienced uber not paying them the amount promised and when you call they give you the run around or blatantly lie and say they paid you when they didn't? I usually only uber drive when there are promotions cuz its not worth it for me otherwise. I did a promotion where you...
  4. Complaints
    last night i was driving around galeria area and got a promt from uber " proceed to High Demand Area" at Hermann park...i went as instructed and 25 + min of waiting and still no ping! What Uber meant by " High Demand Area"? Is this where you have 1 thousand riders and 2 thousand uber drivers...
  5. Houston
    there are 230 cars queuing at bush airport. been here for 2 hours yet still 65 cars ahead of me. yehey to UBER for inviting all Houstonians to drive with UBER now drivers outnumber riders! great and to think this is superbowl week! yesss thank you UBER! sarcasim!
  6. Complaints
    i have a query on the quaranteed $20/hr promo for last saturday. 10 hours after and after 5 messages to them, not one answer :( Doesn't UBER owe it to its drivers since we are the revenue source and should be accorded due support? You can do better then this UBER!
1-6 of 6 Results