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    Hello, I reside in Boston, Massachusetts, and I was doing ubereats around the Waltham area this morning. I had a delivery for finagle a bagel in auburndale MA. There was no parking and I didn’t wanna park far, so I parked in handicapped spot, because I know it’ll be a few seconds and plus there...
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    It all started that I got a ping, which led me to my next pick up she gotten a vehicle and she was very inebriated she's right her cigarette because I told her no smoking in my vehicle! And she apologized and threw it out and said no problem gotten the vehicle she started to ask questions...
  3. Stories
    So, I am heading home down I-77 from an 'ok' Uber nite in Charlotte NC, 2:30 a.m., and forget I have the app on after my last fare. I am rarely out driving Uber this late near Charlotte due to the drunk knuckleheads who abuse you, and then rate you badly, but I had 2 good airport runs back to...
1-3 of 3 Results