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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Saturation woes in the Burbs is nothing new. The only time I consistently get pings in my neighbourhood is Sunday Morning/Afternoon. And this because I have a lot of ‘regulars.’ Who move around in a consistent fashion. It seems the LYFT App favours rematching the 5*/5* Pax all other things...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    Earn a whopping 150 bones for on-boarding your competition.
  3. San Francisco
    Posted this in a thread but it applies to most of the complaints Drivers voice from day to day in the forums. Someone suggested it needed a thread of its own: REMINDER: The entire business model of transportation disruption is built upon exploitation... exploitation of unenforced/able...
  4. Burlington
    I have been driving the Burlington/VT market part time since August 2015 (Back when it was $2 a mile). I have noticed now there are just way too many drivers out there and earnings have plummeted. Even worse is they don't seem to understand how to let a surge ripen before popping online. They...
  5. Burlington
    I hearby declare Burlington, VT to be a dead market. There is no real hope for a surge after 3pm, and during peak times in the evenings now there are so many drivers you are lucky to score a string of two 3 or 4 dollar rides within an hour. In the mornings the surge is there only when drivers...
1-7 of 7 Results