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  1. Baltimore
    Driver for 1 month, 75 rides so far. 20 minute ride to pick-up, 2 passengers entered my vehicle I started the ride Passenger A asked if I could wait for passengers C and D (passenger B was seated in the rear) hesitant but I agreed to wait. Instantaneously, C & D exited the residences loud...
  2. Montreal (French Canada)
    In light of growing dissatisfaction In light of ridiculous driver quitting rates In light of drivers being at the mercy of Uber and the riders In light of being subject To ridiculous rates And poor service at head office In light of the fact The company negotiated a deal that satisfied its own...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Flu. Vomit. Accidents. Fatigue. Harassment. You or pax gets sick or injured. You have health and safety concerns as a driver. We want to hear directly from you. This is a study on the health and safety of UberX drivers and passengers. We are asking drivers to participate in focus groups in...
  4. Seattle
    I agree. The points made are well-articulated and researched. Please help spread this link far and wide as it is not getting nearly enough exposure on this forum.
1-4 of 4 Results