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  1. Advice
    Why do some rideshare drivers complain about any gross revenue per mile that's under $1.00 USD? Also, what's magical about $1.00? They've been bleating and parroting this "$1 per mile" phrase since Barack was in office and well before everyone was talking about post-pandemic recovery inflation...
  2. Advice
    Several riders have asked me this year (usually right after I enlighten them on typical driver compensation from Uber for a couple types of common rides and that I do this work full-time most weeks): So how do you make decent money doing this full-time? My answer typically includes the...
  3. Advocacy
    Do you support this vision for the (rideshare and app-based delivery services) industry?
  4. Advocacy
    What's going on here? Creative math/accounting?
  5. Advice
    What are the real origins of the oft-repeated $1/mile minimum acceptance criteria? Like who started it (like an old timer taxi driver)? What year did it start getting air play? Does it predate Uber in the earliest US cities?
  6. Advice
    Is this technically an example of "long hauling"?
  7. Complaints
    After a $95 fare for an hour + ride today, the driver shared she was getting $49, I did the math: pay for the driver only 48%?! :( Are they trying to make money for shareholders they’ll never see? Taking from their money-making base is a rookie IPO move, aka stupid.
  8. Chattanooga
    I've spoken to several drivers and it seems that since Lyft stopped paying any surge here, drivers just won't turn on the app. I would love to hear thoughts about why people are still doing both, as it seems Uber is paying/treating drivers much better here.
  9. Stories
    Thought this was a good one
  10. Washington DC
    Lyft/Uber IPO Cash for drivers
  11. New York City
    guys, it is possible. You need to work the busiest times, 7am-9am and 5pm-10pm, late nights friday and saturday. but you can make $500/week without doing 12 hour shifts. ive done it myself, before i quit.
  12. News
    Uber and Lyft rides could become more expensive in Seattle. The city is considering setting a minimum fare per ride and other regulations in an effort to ensure drivers are compensated fairly. The Seattle City Council is expected to introduce a resolution this week to start the process toward...
  13. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I'm sure y'all ha e been following this back and forth with Uber and MIT after a working group at the University posted a study that stated Uber/Lyft drivers average $3.31/hour. After vehement denials and attacks by various Uber Execs the MIT Professor in charge agreed to use the data that Uber...
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    They call it "the modern day equivalent of a Sweatshop". Tell me something we don't know. Wanna guess the average hourly rate Drivers earn after costs are deducted? Worse than I thought....$3.31/hour Thoughts...
  15. New York City
    I am working on a data project and am looking for some help from this community. I've posted a poll below and would love as much participation as possible. I am looking to understand what drivers are making after expenses per day. I've put in some broad categories for poll purposes. Any help...
  16. Atlanta
    On average I make between $10-12 per trip when I factor in promotions. It’s pretty consistent with Uber and Lyft. I was wondering were everyone else’s results similar.
  17. Complaints
    [message addressed to emdeplam deleted] Uber Corporate: What really concerns me are apparent unfair business practices: Dynamic up front pricing that is calculated to be essentially stealth surge rate fares that are NOT passed on to drivers, regardless of how they may be described as dynamic...
  18. New York City
    RideWithVIA is in NYC, DC and Chicago. Supposedly, like uberPOOL with better driver pay and without the problems that Uber and Lyft introduced when they stole the idea. Has anybody driven for RideWithVIA? What did you think? Would you recommend it to other drivers or not? Is it better, worse or...
  19. New Jersey
    UPDATED information here. _______ You may already know that Uber increased their Booking Fee nationwide on July 8, 2017. Drivers do not get any piece of the booking fee. :mad: This was the 3rd increase in 2017. Not all locations received the same increase. NY State outside of NYC was opened up...
  20. Advice
    Uber appears to be rolling out the 3rd booking fee increase this year, with a corresponding minimum fare increase. I expect Lyft to match the Uber Booking Fee increase soon. It's 40 cents for XL and 50 cents for XL and premium. For UberX: In February, from $1.30 to $1.65 then $1.65 to $1.80 Now...
1-20 of 31 Results