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  1. Sydney
    hey guys, I just wanna ask that; i have got driver authority card before 1 of November and on the letter its says ''You will be automatically transitioned as a driver to the new regulatory framework. This means that at midnight on 31 October 2017, you will automatically have a Passenger...
  2. Sydney
    Hi, any idea of the approval process on a Driver Approval ETA? I started last week, started driving on the weekend in Newcastle. During the week I purchased a New Mobile phone (for use with Uber) worth $400, as well as booked accommodation closer to the city. I left work early on Friday...
  3. Sydney
    Does anyone know anything about the strictness of RMS when it comes to your driving record? I'm about to apply from my Authority Card, but I'm a little nervous of a few tickets I received when I was young and stupid back in 2011 (and yes they JUST (with a matter of months) fall within the 5...
1-3 of 3 Results