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  1. Advice
    I have been trying for days to add a vehicle on to the app since my last vehicle was totaled - yet it keeps giving me the same issue. I have tried uninstalling it, resetting my phone and everything. Any ideas? Not even the website is working for me.
  2. Brisbane
    The new date format that the Uber driver app has lets you easily go back to your first ever ride. I missed alot of tolls back then because I didn’t understand how things worked. Claiming them all back now!!👍
  3. Advice
    I am usually able to update the Uber Driver app through Play Store. This time, Play Store does not show an update available. But the Uber Driver app itself suggests updating, and asks for your password. Doesn't feel right. What are your thoughts?
  4. Advice
    What did you vote for?
  5. Complaints
    As I write this, I'm staring at another Uber mess on my driving account. A passenger requested a ride that was accidentally accepted by me because of the awful way that Uber has implemented their new driver app. Normally, I immediately cancel these "false positive" acceptances but this time...
  6. Complaints
    As of January my Android app tripled its data usage from about 2 to 3 Gig to about 8-9 gig. Is anyone else seeing this increase? Its exceeding my 6gig plan. Are they data mining or is it a new result of a horrible new app that barely works?
  7. Buffalo & Rochester
    It seems like every 3rd to 4th trip the Uber navigation takes me to a wrong location. Either it takes me to a wrong house number or a location a half-mile through-the-woods away. This happens with both Google Maps and the native Uber navigation app. (My phone's navigation works correctly with...
  8. Technology
    Introduction Recently Uber reworked the driver application's technical implementation, while completely redesigning the user interface. Unfortunately, the new application appears to be worse than the old application. The new application has a few new or improved features, but also introduces...
  9. Advice
    The app has been janky all day with 5x surge but now I can't log on .
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    Got this in email. Introducing new features that put safety at the heart of the Driver app to help give you peace of mind on the road Access help when you need it If you're ever in need of emergency assistance, you can call 911 in one tap...
  11. Technology
    Can anyone tell me what the version number of the new software release on iPhone is? I have ver. 3.175.10012 from about 3 months ago. Also, what's the latest version number on Android? Every driver I see that has an Android phone has the new release in Orange County, CA. I've been trying to...
  12. Australia
    The new driver app loaded yesterday, no map on screen - no help button - half the options missing and nobody to talk to about how to fix. Anybody else have a problem?
  13. Canberra
    Ols sent the following email to drivers on 8 August 2018: Ola! You have been asking for it and H E R E I T I S ! As a result of your feedback and suggestions to make the Ola Partner app a better one, we are THRILLED to advise, that you can now UPDATE YOUR VEHICLE in the app! This...
  14. New Jersey
    So I heard new driver app was rolling out April 10. I don’t have it and have no updates to get it. Did anyone get it yet?
  15. Cleveland & Akron
    I struggle with the driver app on my cell phone. Small display is rough on my 67 year old eyes. Today for the hell of it I downloaded and installed the driver app on my Android tablet. Worked great and much easier to see. I was under the impression that the driver app would not run on a...
  16. Technology
    Hello, Yesterday was my first day driving with Lyft. I did three rides, and I had some problems. They may just be a misunderstanding on my part how I think the app works. When I accepted the ride I clicked on the arrow (to the right of the pickup address) to enter navigation mode. When I...
  17. Technology
    Today was my first day and it was a little rough. When I accepted a ride I then clicked into navigation mode. When I arrived at the destination there were no confirmation boxes to confirm that I arrived. Am I suppose to double click the home button and go back to the Lyft app to confirm...
  18. Technology
    When app developers update their apps, they usually provide a wealth of information on new features and bug fixes... ...but not Uber. They don't even respect us enough to even tell us what modifications they've made to the driver app that we have to put on our own phones and use when working...
  19. Surge
    I live in South Jersey and usually drive in Philadelphia which happens to be 20min away from me. I have to pay a toll to go over there and it’s worth it because of the amount of rides you get as well as higher payout. Looking for a way to see the current live Uber driver map in the neighboring...
  20. Minneapolis
    One of the things on the list support sends you for their scripted response to 'not getting trip requests' is '4) Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned off because it can interfere with the signal'. Something seemingly randomly kept turning Bluetooth back on after I turned it off and I found...
1-20 of 49 Results