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  1. Houston
    Do you get ressources to protect yourself as an Uber Driver, or did you have to take care about having protection by yourself? And does Uber check if you follow the measures Are the Virus Sick pays really payed and if so, did it help you? What is your opinion about the Anti Corona Measures...
  2. London
    Just a curious thought as am in the market for a new car. We all know car manufacturers exaggerate on their MPG figures. From experience what cars get what MPG in London? I have heard that Prius's claimed 72mpg is more like 40.. My bmw 325d got around 40-45 in London without trying too hard...
  3. Atlanta
    So with the winter storm, power outages in many cities across Georgia, boredom strikes and people therefore insist on requesting rides because they probably don’t want to drive themselves, are stuck wherever they are, or simply still want to “go out” despite the warnings to stay off the roads. I...
1-3 of 3 Results