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  1. Advice
    We are exploring possibilities of creating Uber like ride sharing compny. It will belong to drivers and they will take between %85 to %95 of everything they make on each ride. The driver will have an option to invest or not. We have a great and experienced team and we know we can implement it...
  2. Las Vegas
    Me just checked my e mail nothing from uber. No Merry Christmas or happy holidays or thank you E÷mail from uber. Do you care?:cool:o_O:)
  3. Pay
    100,000 paid. 50,000 Dead Miles 150,000 miles on odometer? so far so good? 100,000 x .44= $44,000 Correct? (Mileage Calculation) There is also a time element of $0.30 per minute. But what you did above, multiplying the rate per minute by the number of miles, isn't correct. To work out how much...
1-3 of 3 Results