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  1. Boise
    ugh I drove back n forth through Boise eagle and meridian tonight at least 10 times. I was in all the right surge spots. And guess what!? Not a damn request! ZERO! 4 hours online and I ended up getting one food delivery and the punk didn’t even tip! How was ur guys’ night? There were so many...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I'm totally not sleeping tonight....BUT it's not base at least. Any suggestions... Chicken out! Well my PAX needed a smoke, so we are on break.... Stopped for food. We are road tripping... Lol..He's high as hell...( Cough) Go blue Freerideany1
  3. Miami
    After a drop off in Brickell, South Beach, Grove or Gables, am I better off parking and waiting or cruising around looking for a ping? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Its a bright and gorgeous day. I plan on eating, napping KekeLo, Ubering bien sur!!! But I don't know, Biden and Globes, BOTH traffic catastrophies, waiting to happen.. Lord have mercy on us all.. what say you?! No snarkiness Tedgey Sluber lol! Then again it is UberPeeps, nevermind!!! Carry on!
  5. Advice
    Hello all I am a fairly new driver to uber and I am trying to figure out how to get ongoing trips? How do I get Fair request back to back? After I finish one trip how do I get another one? The partner app explains absolutely nothing but tips.
  6. Worcester
    How long do you Woobers generally wait if the pinging isn't happening. Where do you wait for that matter. I tend to just start driving but quickly realize I'm losing any money that I may or may not make by driving to no where to maybe catch a ping. What are your thoughts Worcester?
  7. Las Vegas
    What works best, park and wait or drive around? Very few pings coming my way this week and wondering what a good strategy would be. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results