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  1. Boston
    They said I need an electronic copy of my background certificate. What is the email address for the DPU?
  2. Complaints
    Applied for Lyft 2 months ago. Met with my mentor. Passed Lyfts Background Check. I invested in a Toyota Avalon 2007 for this. $6,800 dollar loan. This past Friday. Got a Notice from DPU that they denied me my BackGround Check. Due to haveing my License suspended 5 years ago for Surchargable...
  3. Boston
    Someone posted a thread about CORI requirements to pass earlier in the year but I found this on the RMV website for driving record and other obligations. So anyone yet to receive a DPU cert or deny as yet make sure you take care of unpaid tickets/citations/excise tax etc ASAP. From RMV: Do I...
1-3 of 3 Results