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  1. Stories
    I get to my next rider's pickup location and the timer starts. The time remaining is 30 seconds to collect the cancellation fee and get the hell out of there. But then there comes two girls towards my car. I slide to begin trip and wow, they're going 6 minutes away. THEN the girl says very...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    It was either this or vomit. He was feeling sick. I rolled the dice. But NEVER again. Drive-thru is DONE! 1 ☆all you want. I'm beyond done!!!
  3. Advice
    Just tired of the bottles of juice and Gatorade that I know possibly mixed with alcohol. Yeah I'm so done. I don't even try to listen. See, because I know that they're going to argue with me the entire time I'm asking them to chug or put it out. Or if I just simply say hey that's an empty...
1-3 of 3 Results