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  1. New York City
    Great minds, I want to switch my plate to a new car,just want to know if I can walk in to any DMV to get it done or I have to schedule an appointment. Thanks
  2. New York City
    So you've decided to end your journey as a glorious and highly respected ant. 🐜 This simple guide will help you in ending your FHV driving mistake. So you can be a normal functioning citizen on the sidewalks of new york once again. (bicyclist excluded) This guide assumes you wish to...
  3. New York City
    Three Demands 1) Let the DMV handle all the paper work aspect of the TLC 2) Let the NYC Council handle the Regulation and new Policy implementation aspect of the TLC 3) Let the NYC Traffic police handle the Ticketing aspect of TLC SHUT DOWN TLC corrupt agency, STOP treating TLC drivers like...
  4. Stories
    Well folks, I'm officially a Class-A CDL holder and couldn't be any happier. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Thank you all for your kind wishes. I haven't driven rideshare in almost three months and I don't plan on going back any time soon (If ever). I have a couple of...
  5. New York City
    I was just wondering how many accidents and tickets have you gotten so far while driving?
  6. New York City
    I plan to buy a new Car and drive for Uber once the NYC Cap is lifted in August, Is it better to apply for TLC License right now or should I just wait till June or July to apply, Only disadvantage of getting TLC License earlier that I can think of is that License will expire earlier. but what...
  7. New York City
    how many months have you waited after you got Your driving License to apply to become an Uber Driver? How long did the whole process take?
  8. New York City
    Apparently, even though I paid dmv for a red light ticket, tlc may issue me a point infraction (and $300) on my tlc. Can anyone possibly inform me how the points works between dmv and tlc?
  9. New York City
    I just went to traffic court today and found out that my DMV license will be suspended in the next 30 days for 2 months, because I got a speeding ticket 2 years ago (during my probationary period) and was just found guilty today. The judge told me that after getting my license back it will be...
  10. Washington DC
    Its a nice night not to cold not to hot. Lots of foot traffic in and around DC and plently of opportunties for shuffling, or the rare actual profitable ride with PrimeTime/Surge but not holding my breath. Good luck ya deplorable rats!
  11. New York City
    is bill of sales and temporary registration is good to pick up the plate from DMV? i heard somewhere in some cases they ask for title ?
  12. Washington DC
    Wandered over to our stepbrothers area up in bmore and found this gem they are being offered And ya'll thought our quest sucked they don't have pool to at least get the harlotting over and done with fast.
  13. Autonomous
    https://gizmodo.com/self-driving-cars-can-now-pick-up-passengers-in-califor-1826480542 The authorization actually encompasses two pilot programs: one approving passengers to ride in autonomous service vehicles with a trained driver at the wheel, and another allowing passengers to ride in...
  14. Washington DC
    I know Ubering isn't for everyone but was wonder of many of us masochist are still in the game since the post started. Me been here since 2015 both driving and blogging..where my other OG's at?
  15. Complaints
    i received a deactivation notice from Uber stating they had received a notification from DMV and as a result I can no longer drive fir Uber. I went to DMV and got a print out and my record is clear. I contacted Uber support and they had no idea what I was talking about. Useless as ever. I went...
  16. New York City
    Hello, I'm fairly new to driving for hire. I bought a car last month. And after a lengthy process, last week I went to pickup TLC plates at the DMV with the pickup letter. They did not issue me TLC plates because the (dealership issued regular) plates I was turning in did not have an...
  17. New York City
    If you already returned your plates and switched your car to regular dmv plates. How much did it cost you and what was the process? Thanks in advance
  18. Pittsburgh
    When I looked online before driving in Pittsburgh all the websites said the base rate was $1.30 and the minimum fare was $5.00. Yesterday was my first day driving in. Pittsburgh and I found out the real base rate is $1.04 and the minimum was $4.40. Does anyone know any reliable website I can...
  19. New York City
    I'm returning the plates and I owe 2 months of insurance but the insurance has a deposit of $1,000 what happens do they take the two months and give me back the rest. Second question when I return the plates do I get back any money from the DMV?
  20. New York City
    i currently bought out my lease and its currently fiance through Toyota fin. i got all the docs needed to get tlc plates. i went to dmv last week and they ask me for title. i don"t have title because there is a lien on it. i have to wait for the dealer to send the application in the Albany and...
1-20 of 33 Results