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  1. Delivery
    Uber notifies me of a delivery - 138k (kilometers) for $25. It was two orders. Pick up and deliver 25k North West and then retrace the steps go 50K South East through downtown to cross a bridge to go up the other side of the river for another 63K North to do the second delivery. I have never...
  2. Advice
    I was flagged for my ride taking longer than expected an now I'm blocked from using instant. I use the Google maps feature and I too the route that Google had. I called Uber to tell them that and filed an appeal. How long does the appeal take and will my instant pay be reinstated?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    It looks like the end of an era for the $5 Education Fee for people coming out without car seats, or, most recently, without face masks. New fee structure is $2 + Pick Up distance factor. Ugh.
  4. Chicago
    First off, my system is my system. It's what works for me. For the most part, it's opposite the mainstream. I use 5 of my 6 DFs during the highly concentrated AM rush. On good days, I get multi trips per DF. Perhaps this simple analysis wouldn't match cucumber to cucumber with your...
  5. Advice
    For several days, I've gotten requests, accepted them, and then found that I am taking people WAY out of the metro. Problem is, when you leave the Tulsa metro, there are only cows between that far-out city and Tulsa. Nice hour long drive. But on the way back, it's my gas and my toll fees...
  6. Hampton Roads
    I'm registered as Virginia Beach, but I travel a lot for my real job. I've been able to drive in DC, and further west in Maryland. I originally agreed to something about driving in North Carolina... but I'll be in Raleigh/ Asheville through November, and I wondered if anyone had driven in those...
  7. Chicago
    Uber's reasoning to create a more consistent comp plan is fundamentally a crock of poop since successful drivers tailor their driving pattern to the style that works for them. For example, my focus has always been on the greatest distance with the least amount of time. My ideal airport run is...
  8. Pay
    Fuber's in-app process for disputing fares is execrable, so I usually call Fuber to fix my fares. I have screenshots to prove Fuber is cheating me on distances, but no way to attach them in-app. Can the staff at the GLH make credit adjustments to our fares?
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    Since last week, I noticed Lyft has removed the time away from Pax. Uber still displays time and distance of request from Pax. Why do the Lyft big wigs, need to resort to deception to cause a driver to accept a request. LYFT, what part of I don't want to drive 10 min for a $5.00 fare, do you...
  10. Advice
    New driver here, just have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help answer. 1. How close do I have to be to an Uber ride to get the ping? Is there a limit to the distance or does the app simply ping the closest driver? 2. Is there a way to see the destination before accepting the trip...
  11. Flex
    Hey Guys, New to this forum. I currently live in Orange County and have waited forever for Flex to notify me if there become available positions (Orange County doesn't show up on the list of places to deliver). Apparently they must have too many people in this area. Well I went back on the app...
  12. Complaints
    I had three straight request for 20 min rides and now my acceptance rate is 55 percent because I denied them. I have been online for 8 hours this week with no request until now. What the hell, man??
  13. Technology
    Today was my first day driving for Uber. Since I live in a sprawled out area, Uber had me delivering items 6+ miles away. Is there a way in the app that I can filter the distance and only receive pins that have me pick up and deliver within a 4 mile radius?
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Whats the furthest time and distance you would drive to pick up an Uber X rider?
  15. Dallas
    On Monday, April 3, I noticed that I was suddenly getting jingles from 18-22 minutes away just like Lyft. Before it was rarely more than 12 minutes. Until then I was concentrating on Uber most of the time because I did not like declining long pick-ups from Lyft, particularly at busy times. Has...
  16. Baltimore
    I have found certain areas the quality of the rider and the distance of the trip are very subpar. For a example if a ride takes me to dundalk.. I will shut off the app and drive back to canton area before turning it back on. Now can't be all negative... if you don't have a place to avoid...
  17. Advice
    So today was my first day driving for Uber and I had a Pax that wanted to stop at one location (the one she had set in Uber) and asked if I would then take her to another. I was fine with it. Problem was neither of us knew how to make the trip farther in the app. We tried finishing and then she...
  18. Atlanta
    The other day I requested Uber X ride and it was 18 miles away and took 37min to get to the destination. Uber charged me $23.50. However, when I’m a driver and take a passenger 18 miles away and 42 min. I get paid $14.22. The difference is $9.28. Which Uber makes? According to the above...
  19. Advice
    Is there some way I can see the final destination before accepting? I want to stay kind of close to home (around a 20 mile radius). Thanks
  20. Melbourne
    St Albans. Where is surg?...haha
1-20 of 23 Results